Here at MyAppView we have a passion for anything thats technology or tech related. As a company based in the interest of providing information visually, we put the time and patience to show the ins & outs of products to give knowledgeable data for the non-tech people.

A side from providing constant reviews on products and apps, MyAppView will be giving back to the community as a thank you for the support that we get on viewing our videos, clicking ads, subscribing to our various social networks etc.. We will have contests and give away prices as a token of our appreciation for supporting MyAppView.

On-top of giving away prices to our viewers, we strongly believe in helping others that need it the most. As MyAppView grows as a company and start earning an income from (advertisements), sponsors, youtube ( when we become partners ) etc.. We will give 30% every month to a charity of our choice ( every month a different charity). We will video log the whole experience from the bank to the charity.

If you wants to help please subscribe to our youtube channel or click on the advertisements on right hand side of this page. If sponsorships or other money related question please email us at myappview@gmail.com