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It doesn't change the fact that hacking, unlocking, jailbreaking or how ever you want to call it, IS a big part in todays technology, even sometimes the reason why "that" product was bought in the first place. Now before going on and learning how to jailbreak your IPhone4, we want you to view this video by Jon from TechnoBuffalo in which Jon explains a few points on why people are Unlocking/Jailbreaking their IPhone4 as well as other key points about apple.


MyAppView does not take responsibility if anything goes wrong while jailbreaking your product.

MyAppView simply displays how to jailbreak your phone for learning purposes and to make your device suitable for your daily use. ex : widgets and so on. ( we do not advertise free app downloading )

Jailbreak 4.2.1 Untethered on iPhone 4 3gs 3g iPod Touch 4g 3g 2g & iPad
Step 1 - Plug your device into to your computer.

Step 2 - Go to GreenPois0n

Step 3 - Now you are on the site, you will see the Green Pois0n logo and 3 options of operating system. Choose the one that you are currently using. You will Download a zip file with the software in it. If you do not have Winzip or Winrar you may download it here.

Step 4 - After downloading the zip file extract the file onto your desktop by right clicking and hitting ( Extract Here ). example is shown below with a different zip file

Step 5 - Now open GreenPois0n and a window like this will appear. MAKE SURE YOUR DEVICE IS PLUGGED IN BEFORE OPENING PROGRAM! "just incace :)"

Step 6 - When you see the window shown above it will say clearly, to POWER OFF YOUR DEVICE. by this step your device should already be plugged in.

Step 7 - When your device is powered off, you are ready to jailbreak your device. Now this step is important so lets get it right the first time. When ready, you will click prepare to jailbreak at this second you will have to do a series of button combination following the timer on the screen. READY?

Step 8 - Press prepare to jailbreak  and you will see a count down from 3 to 1 to prepare, after 1 HOLD THE POWER BUTTON for 2 seconds ( counter on screen ).

Then keep holding the POWER BUTTON and now press the HOME BUTTON and hold for 10 seconds.

then RELEASE THE POWER BUTTON and keep holding the HOME BUTTON for 15 seconds

Step 9 - If done correct, you will see a button appear in the same window that will say "Jailbreak" click it and let it do it's thing.

Step 10 - You will see a bunch of white writing on your device, don't worry just don't touch it and wait till your device is on your lock screen.

Step 11 - Unlock your device and look for an app called ( LOADER ) it should look like this.

Step 12 - Open (Loader) and you will see an app for download called (Cydia), and Install.

Step 13 - AND THATS IT! (Cydia) will give you the flexibility to customize your device as well as other things... lol. Enjoy. 

P.S Sometimes after jailbraking your device and you are looking for the (Loader) app, it mite be white instead of green with an arrow, don't worry click on the app because it should still work, or just restart your device and it will work.


Common Errors
  • “The program keeps crashing on my Windows 7/Vista PC”: Right click on “greenpois0n.exe”, click properties, then go to the compatibility tab, check “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and choose Windows XP Service Pack 2 from the drop-down list, hit ok.
  • “My device doesn’t load the jailbreak and just sits there with a few lines of text on it!”Restart your device (by holding the Power and Home buttons simultaneously) and try again. This jailbreak has a few bugs, so you may have to try a couple of times. But hey, it’s worth it.
  • “Nothing loads in the Loader application! How do I get Cydia now?”: This is because the GreenPois0n servers are overloaded. The simplest solution is to simply wait. However, we’re hearing that you might be able to work around this (at your own risk), by using redsn0w directly to just install Cydia, and apparently also by uploading the required files directly to the loader. We’ll update you as soon as we hear some more about this method.
  • “Nothing loads in the Loader application! How do I get Cydia now?”: This is because the GreenPois0n website is overloaded. Unfortunately all you can do is wait and try again later, it’s not your fault.


We hope this Tutorial/How to has helped you. if Any Questions on what you can do after, just email us at